Hey, my lovely readers.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful, end of the day Thursday!!!!! By now we all know what time it is. It’s Throwback Thursday! Ayee!! I am loving Blog Revamp week. I hope you are as well.  For #TBT I would love for you to post your hottest read ever or currently. What book made you have to fan yourself over and over? What book made you blush and say OMG?!

As always I will share with you my hottest read (currently).  DRUM ROLL!! Please!!! LOL

I present to you:

Taken by the Russian by Jessa Kane & Alexa Riley. OMG!!! They are some kinky authors that I aspire to be one day. The scene where Sasha and Anya are getting married and she comes down in a teddy and Sasha can’t help himself and decides to fuck her right there in front of the priest, (although he did tell him to turn around) had me saying NO HE DIDN’T & OMFG!!!! I have never read something so out there and trust me I’ve read some pretty kinky shit lol.

If you don’t believe me, you need to purchase and read for yourself. It will blow your mind and make you pull your boyfriend or husband into bed right that minute ;).

Comment below and I will see you tomorrow for more Blog Revamp Week 🙂



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